Article on Depression published!

Are you an advocate for mental health awareness as well? If yes then give this post a read where I share with you my article on depression which was published in a national newspaper. Come forth with your stories too! I will be more than willing to have my blog be your mic to the world...

Toxic Relationships

When I say toxic relationships most of you may be picturing a couple, their foreheads creased up as they yell profanities at each other with one of them suddenly towering over the other with a look of pure wrath plastered on his/her face. These are indeed some of the more prominent signs of an unhealthy... Continue Reading →

Turning the End into a New Beginning

The following is a contribution from an empowering and extremely brave lady i.e Sophie Young. You are such an inspiration love. To all those souls who are struggling to keep  afloat, your struggles make you who you are and all of you are truly the greatest. Our heros!!   It was 5 weeks and 2... Continue Reading →

Being unique is OK

In the obscure corner of the capital of Pakistan is a safe haven, a safe haven for all those disparate souls who were born different. What does it mean to be unique in today's rapidly evolving era? Unfortunately it implies the fact that you will be stared, glared and sometimes even scowled at. Why is... Continue Reading →

We Survived!

We experienced the best of days coupled with the worst of days. Treacherous times were followed by blissful bounties. Together we laughed and cried and laughed again until we cried. The year 2016 brought with itself its fair share of sorrows and joviality. Oh what a paradoxical mesh of contrasting emotions! New life was welcomed... Continue Reading →

Lethal words

   They throw racial spews at her, they pelt her with insensitive insults, they pass snide comments on her figure, they shrug off any feelings of guilt they may be undergoing. It's all fun and games for them. But that's not the case for her!! Oh no! Those taunts and degrading comments keep her up... Continue Reading →

OCD ( What is it)

What is OCD One step, two steps, three steps, four steps NO NO NO!!!! The trip from my room to the bathroom has to be completed in 5 steps! I need to start again...... On! Off! On! Off! The light switch is made to go up and down innumerable times before it matches my satisfaction.... These... Continue Reading →

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