Eat Smart

What are the three basic necessities of life? Shelter, clothes and FOOD!!! We need the right amount of nutrients to keep us healthy and fit. Lack of nutrition can result in a person suffering from numerous diseases. Countries ( especially those in Africa) have an incredibly high mortality rate, the cause of death being starvation and malnutrition. 

It is astonishing how the situation on one side of the globe differs from that on the other side. Young innocent souls are howling in pain as a result of hunger pangs in Rwanda while in developed countries such as America children and adults alike have a plethora of delicacies at their disposal. However just like everything else in this world food intake should also be moderate. Over eating can lead to a huge problem; OBESITY!! A person can be classified as obese when his body fat starts to have an adverse effect on his/her health. Difficulty to perform strenuous tasks, getting out of breathe very quickly are just some of the disastrous effects of obesity

Heart problems, lung and kidney failure are quick to follow and before a person realizes, they are bed ridden with nothing to do but but ponder over all the mistakes they made in life to get where they are now. So let’s prevent this from happening!! 

EAT SMART. Stick to a balanced diet. Make sure you get all of the required nutrients but not in excess. A balanced diet doesn’t mean that you have wipe away all types of sugary foods; it just means that you have make sure not to binge on them. Enjoy a delicious bar of chocolate every now and then. Many people think that it is wise to keep a “cheat day” but in my opinion this is not the right approach. Having a cheat day just makes you over eat on that one day and leaves you feeling miserable for having over eaten. Instead of this, I believe that one should give in to his/her cravings sometimes. If you feel like eating a cookie, have one instead of depriving yourself and devouring the whole box eventually. 

If you think that you are already past the average weight DON’T WORK YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT. Start your road to recovery now. Get someone you trust to help you with your new task.

It is vital that you remember that these things take time! Be patient and set smaller more achievable goals for yourself! This will help boost your morale and will give you the boost you need to keep on going! 


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