Lethal words


 They throw racial spews at her, they pelt her with insensitive insults, they pass snide comments on her figure, they shrug off any feelings of guilt they may be undergoing. It’s all fun and games for them. But that’s not the case for her!! Oh no! Those taunts and degrading comments keep her up at night. Dark circles envelope her sullen face, they tell a sorrowful story, are the blatantly obvious signs of all the insomnia riddled nights. 

The bullying catches fire! Her life becomes synonymous to hell. She starts shrinking and retreating back into a dark and melancholic shell. Walls have gone up after the innumerable heart breaks she has gone through. 

“She really needs to lose weight man! No wonder everyone class her Plump Penny!”

Tears burn her eyes and start cascading down her hollowed out cheeks. The words illuminating from the bright screen off her phone just adding to her misery and self-hatred. Friends have become foes, family has taken the shape of strangers in the dark and she herself has become her own arch-enemy! 

WORTHLESS!! WASTE OF SPACE!! USELESS!!! She has now reached rock bottom! There is no saving her. She has begun to contemplate the reason of living. Death starts to appear as the only retreat, the only source of solace and consolation! The chilly wind cuts into her delicate features as she throws her hair back and takes in a bout of air. The stars above seem like diamonds surrounded by soot covered coal. Will she also be a diamond in the next life? One glance at the wide expanse of the blue skies and she JUMPS! Her eyes close and for once she is at peace. There is no one around to yell profanities at her, no one to call her a failure. It is just her and the gush of wind. The color drains from her face. Crimson red blood pools around her lifeless body. 

Yet another one lost their battle against bullying!

Speak out against this heinous crime! Help save someone’s life. Be a beacon of hope for someone encompassed by depression and suffering! 



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  1. Tragic, yet great post. Like I’ve said on other posts, bullying truly is an epidemic and needs more attention than it receives. It’s a problem that can often go unnoticed due to victims, like the girl in the story, keeping quiet about what’s bothering them.

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