We Survived!

We experienced the best of days coupled with the worst of days. Treacherous times were followed by blissful bounties. Together we laughed and cried and laughed again until we cried. The year 2016 brought with itself its fair share of sorrows and joviality. Oh what a paradoxical mesh of contrasting emotions!

New life was welcomed into tsurvivalhis wondrous world meanwhile innumerable precious souls were bid farewell as they embarked on their journey to the world beyond. Some accomplished all that they had set out to do; enabling them to ascend on the ladder of life effortlessly while others barely hung on to the rung they were currently situated on. But alas! All of us performed a rather exhausting and draining task! We Survived!

Our endurance, patience and will power were put to the test as we tried our best to overcome the daily struggles with incomparable strength. We adhered to the phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We were overwrought with worries as multitude of challenging obstacles were thrown our way causing us to crumble and break under the pressure just to get right back up!

No, we did not conquer the world and yes, we stumbled and faltered all through the year but despite the  unfavorable odds we are standing here today in 2017; still breathing and coping. And that my friends is what we should be incredibly proud of!!!

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