Hope Hope and Hope

When darkness envelopes you, when the night becomes everlasting, when the pain reaches its threshold and when the light fades away until it is reduced to a mere flicker of a match stick, remember these words. YOUR PEACE WILL COME! 

You may not find solace for a long time and you may be entangled within a mesh of troubles which wrought your mind for hours on length but remember! NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! Not the good nor the bad. Soon your worries will float away into the azure sky only to be replaced by more torments. Alas with the hurt will arrive the bliss – that is if you actually seek it. 

In a sorrowful and dreary world one must hold on to any and every shred of happiness they can attain. One must look for the silver lining regardless of how utterly useless it may seem. Because after all what can us humans do except HOPE. Hope for the best, plead for the minutest of pleasures and mourn the profound losses we have been subjected to over the years.

Here is a shout out to all those who are yearning for and are in dire need of a single solitary string of hope. My loves! Hold on to the belief that Someday we will reach the other side of the mountain!

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