Being unique is OK

In the obscure corner of the capital of Pakistan is a safe haven, a safe haven for all those disparate souls who were born different.

What does it mean to be unique in today’s rapidly evolving era? Unfortunately it implies the fact that you will be stared, glared and sometimes even scowled at. Why is it that we are inclined to regard anything out of the ordinary as unacceptable and distasteful? Our society has honed the skill of magnifying the imperfections of others and then go a step further and spew hateful slurs at those precious souls who have been made DIFFERENT. It is truly deplorable how some people have the audacity to demean others for their shortcomings.

We all have our demons, our harrowing hurdles that we have had to overcome. It is just that a few of us are put to a more strenuous test. A test which is already causing us acute difficulty and thus are in no need for the added burden that comes with the judgmental leers of bystanders. Just ask and observe anyone suffering from or diagnosed with Autism, Schizophrenia or Sensory Impairment etc. Life is already a bed of prickly thorns over which they have to tread with utmost wariness. Tasks which you and I may find mundane yet agonizingly familiar may pose as an overwhelming obstacle, one which causes them extreme distress and discomfort.

We must realize that there are human beings out there with special needs. They require an extra helping hand, they yearn for a deeper more affectionate caress and yet at the same time they are also in dire need of all the privileges we acquire over the years. Thus for this very reason initiatives such as the one started in the secluded street of Rawalpindi must be awarded with accolades of praise.

The Center for Profound Education is a school for children with Special Needs which acknowledges that its students are distinct in innumerable ways and instead of rebuking them for these differences they strive to be of aid to them in each and every way possible. I count myself incredibly lucky to have come across such an awe inspiring platform and to have been given the unparalleled opportunity of interacting with these extraordinary beings who wear their hearts on their sleeves and exude warmth and joviality.

The posts to follow will revolve around what I learn in my days at this school and how my perceptions of the world alter with such an eye opening experience. If any of you have worked at similar centers or  in any way share an intricate relationship with someone who is unique and absolutely exceptional in all senses of the word do not hesitate to express yourselves!


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